Services – Rates

VICIOUS CYCLE is a full-service motorcycle shop. From tune-ups to tire changes, we work on street, dirt and race bikes, both vintage and modern. We offer a range of services including pre-purchase inspections, regular preventive maintenance, safety inspections, vintage restorations, engine rebuilds and tuning, and performance race tuning.  We employ factory-trained and A&P Certified mechanics.

We know your time is valuable, so we have many SAME DAY services to get you back on the road or trail today.

Motorcycle TIRE CHANGES include mounting and balancing SAME DAY!

  •  WHEEL OFF the bike that you carry in; please leave spacers, sprocket carriers and other loose parts at home.  Most are $40/wheel.
  • WHEEL ON the bike for sport bikes or standard motorcycles are typically $75/wheel.
    • Larger cruisers are $75/front and $125/rear.
    • ‘Baggers’ with oversize fenders or luggage are $110/front and $220/rear.
  • Rim locks on dirt wheels and TPS (tire-pressure sensors) on street bikes take extra care and add $10/wheel to the tire change.

Please do not be surprised by additional expenses when getting your tires changed:

  • We charge a tire RECYCLING FEE of $4/tire.
  • If your valve stem or tube is at all questionable, it will be replaced. Rubber valve stems are $5 each, and metal valve stems are $10 or more.  Tube prices range from $8.99 to $23.99, so ask first if you hate surprises.
  • We charge a CLEANING FEE of $20/wheel if you bring us mud-crusted wheels. We have to see what we are working on to do a good job.

We have discovered this stuff is not obvious to everyone, and it has led some reviewers to complain about being nickel-and-dimed by a ‘simple’ tire change. So now you have been warned.

We have EXCELLENT TIRE PRICES!  We are a Dunlop Pro Dealer, but carry or source all major brands of motorcycle and scooter tires, including Pirelli, Shinko, Michelin, Metzeler, Bridgestone, Avon and many others.  If we don’t have your tire in stock, we can typically get it in a day or so.

Other SAME-DAY SERVICES include:

  • Oil and filter change – $55 most bikes (plus the cost of the filter & oil of your choice)
  • Pre-purchase inspection – $55 (Compression check or leak-down test also available)
  • Safety Inspection – $55 (Includes a list of any issues your bike might have)
  • Early Bird! $110 plus parts (in by noon, includes oil change and Safety Inspection)

NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED to drop a bike off for repair. You can bring your bike or have it towed in any time we are open. We will talk to you when your bike arrives and can generally give you an estimate at that time. Our estimates are based on years of knowledge and experience, not wild guessing. But keep in mind, “It’s an estimate, not an exactimate!”  Expect to leave your bike a week or two, especially if we need to order parts for your particular service.

You are welcome to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT for specific services to minimize the amount of time you are without your ride.  If you are getting a tune-up or valve adjustment, we like to have the bike the day before your appointment because the valves need to be cold for that service.

We maintain and restore motorcycles of any era. We do not have an age restriction, but we do limit restoration projects to the slower winter months from Labor Day in September to Spring Break in March.

We are realists and will say if your bike repairs might cost more than it is worth to make it road worthy.  Hope you appreciate the honesty.  We love restoring motorcycles that are rare or have sentimental value (you can’t put a price on that), but sometimes it is better to spend your money on something that runs now and that you can enjoy today.

Our shop LABOR RATE is $110/hr for current model year through 1997 motorcycles. Pre-1997 bikes are $130/hr because they are generally a restoration project rather than a simple repair.  We work on:

  • All Japanese motorcycle and scooter models, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha street and dirt bikes
  • Some European motorcycle brands (please call first)

DAMAGE ESTIMATES start at $165 and we help you work with the insurance company or private party to get you back on the road.

Most of you can hardly wait to get your motorcycle the instant it is ready for you, but after 3 days we reserve the right to charge a STORAGE FEE of $50/day on bikes that are done but not picked up.  Talk to us if you need to make other arrangements. We do not charge storage on bikes that are here waiting for parts or service.

We answer questions in person Tuesday thru Saturday; over the phone at (503) 285-8824 landline;  by text (503) 662-6000; or by email .  See you soon!

 8828 SE Division Street  Portland OR  97266      (503) 285-8824